Surroundings of Sopron

1 Paneuropean Picnic Monument Park & Fertő Lake

The surroundings of Sopron have to offer a lot, too.

Sopron is lying very close to the Austrian border, so there is a great number of sights within easy reach on both sides of the border. 

Hereunder you will find some suggestions where to go if you plan to spend some days in Sopron:

  • 6 km to the north of Sopron there is the Paneuropean Picnic Monument Park, where an event of world history took place in 1989. Pulling down of the Iron Curtain was started here and the famous border breakthrough of East-Germans took place on 19 August 1989. 

  • Travelling a bit further northwards, you will reach the Fertő Lake (Neusiedler See) region, which entered the list of UNESCO’s World Heritages in cultural landscape category in 2001. In the centre there is the lake itself, which is the third one regarding its size among the Central-European lakes. Fertő Lake (Neusiedler See) is the most western example of a salt natron lake with special flora and fauna. Around the lake, in the extended reed fields there is one of the largest bird reserves of Central-Europe to be found; with several rare nestling and migrating birds. A boat trip on the lake is an excellent opportunity to discover its natural beauties and also some man-made values – eg. Mörbisch water stage, the largest of its kind in Central-Europe. 

2 Fertőrákos & Fertőd

• The village closest to the lake on Hungarian side is called Fertőrákos and has got some interesting sights to offer: the Roman quarry – today a famous openair theatre with fantastic view from the top on Lake Fertő region, a Mythras sanctuary from the 3th century after Christ, 16th century public pillory, the Baroque episcopal summer residence etc.

• 30 km east of Sopron, in the town of Fertőd there are the enchanting Esterhazy palace & park – known as the largest Baroque castle complex of the country and is often referred to as the „Hungarian Versailles”.

3 Tours to Austria

  • If you cross the border to Austria, very soon you will get to Eisenstadt, another city famed for the name of the Esterhazy Princes and their musical director and court composer Joseph Haydn. Its landmarks are the Esterhazy castle with its famous Haydn Concert Hall and marvellous English-style landscape garden; the one-time town house of Joseph Haydn and the Hill Church (Bergkirche) with Haydn’s mauseloum. Also mediavel Forchtenstein fortress of the Esterhazys’ is within easy reach with its unique treasure chamber and weaponry. 

  • The birth house of Franz Liszt along with an up-to-date concert building is to be found in Raiding, 20 km out of Sopron.

  • Vienna, the capital of Austria with Stephansdom, Hofburg and Schönbrunn castles and several famous sights is only at a distance of 65 km from Sopron – so an ideal day trip can be done there.

I’m gladly standing at your disposal at tailor-making your ideal half-day or day-excursions in & around Sopron. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your wishes.